Retained Placenta & Return of the Dreaded Period

3 weeks post partum my bleeding stopped! I had prepared myself to bleed for the whole 6 weeks they advise that you can bleed for, so I was obviously super excited that I could stop wearing granny pants and pads that were nappy like. Finally I could wear nice underwear and not have the daily struggle of dressing to avoid a VPL! A week passed and I’m feeling back to normality and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, when I started to bleed again. I assumed it was just my period returning, and my god the cramps were something else, I honestly felt like I was having contractions and preparing to give birth all over again! After a long drive home from being out and about I felt like I was weeing there was so much blood, I was obviously slightly worried. Upon inspection I had actually passed something that resembled some sort of mangled bloody chicken breast, disgusting I know. After a lengthy call to 111 I was advised to go to A&E to be checked out, then I began googling all the possible things that it could be and scared myself with the results! (don’t ever google anything)


After a 4 hour trip in A&E, I was inspected and had blood tests and swabs done, luckily there was no infection and it seemed that part of my placenta had remained. The gynacologist explained that my womb had opened again which was totally normal and was beginning my first period and anything in there was being expelled with the blood. I was terrified of having an internal examination after the many you have during labour, and I could just picture my stitches splitting open and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stitched up again. Luckily I had the nicest gynacologist ever, he was from Africa and cracked all the bad dad jokes whilst he was in with us. I can tell you all that the internals after having a baby are nothing compared to the ones before hand, they’re actually gentle with you! And I feel relieved to know that everything has returned to normal, and my stitches are perfectly healed after 4 weeks which is fab! Now I just have to stick out this period until I can get back into nice pants! But it’s nothing compared to the PP bleeding.

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