Something that is never spoken about, you’re never taught about or told about is the recovery after birth and what to expect. First of all, the amount of maternity pads you go through is insane! I must have changed them every 4 hours for the first week, I had to go out and buy more even though I had 6 packs at home to start with! Then there’s the water! I thought all of my water would have gone during labour, the amount that came out I didn’t think it was possible to have any left in my body, I was wrong. The swelling in my ankles made me look like I had elephant feet, luckily it only lasted a few days as I drank my body weight every day to ensure I got rid of it at a reasonable pace. Drinking so much seemed to help the jelly belly disappear at a relatively fast pace as well, which was an added bonus, who wants to be 22 with the body of a 60 year old? Certainly not me! With the help of a post-partum waist trainer, a good diet and some protein shakes I am well on track to my pre-baby body, YAY. Now, stitches. Looking after them is a daunting experience, trying to sit in the bath to clean them, but without actually sitting on them, because yes they do hurt still. Then theres wiping after you’ve been to the toilet, making sure you dry and clean them but trying not to pull them at the same time. Also trying to look at them in the mirror is one way of practicing yoga moves that you’ve probably never heard of, YIKES. The amount of pain killers I went through in the first week, I may as well have bought shares in GSK, I must have single handedly funded the drug sector for that week! But they took the edge off, and once the pain went there was just a dull ache, especially sitting down for too long. I was lucky enough not to split any of them because I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to go and be stitched up again like the bride of Frankenstein. I highly recommend asking all visitors to bring you gifts of painkillers, food and maternity pads, LOTS of them.IMG_5890.JPG

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